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About Face K9 Academy
About Face K9 Academy    

K9 Nose Work® Classes


Beginning level, Interiors, Containers, Exteriors and Vehicles




Dogs were born to use their noses!  This class will focus on building your dog's hunting skills and teach you, the handler how to read your dog.  Our dogs are the best teachers in this activity!  During this session we will work on searching containers and interiors.  All dogs work one at a time.  That allows dogs that aren't comfortable with other dogs to participate in class.  Please clear your dog with the instructor first if it is uncomfortable with other dogs.


This 6 week course is limited please register early!  Class time is 1-1.5 hours


PREREQUISITE: Dog must be at least 5 months old

COST: $170

DATE: Wednesday, June 23 5:30 pm 



INSTRUCTORS:  Rachelle Bailey Austin, CNWI & Dorothy Turley, CNWI




6 Week Course




CLASS DESCRIPTION:  We will introduce the foundation odor Birch in all 4 elements 

 This class is for dogs that have completed the Introduction to K9 Nose Work® classes.  We will introduce the first odor (birch) to the teams.  We will also focus on reading the dogs and improve human handling skills in the container and interior searches.

PREREQUISITE:  Dogs must have completed the Introduction to K9 Nose Work® Course


DATE: Friday, June 18

COST: $170

TIME: 5:30 p.m.



INSTRUCTORS:  Rachelle Bailey Austin, CNWI & Dorothy Turley, CNWI








6 week course



CLASS DESCRIPTION:  This class is for teams that have completed Introduction to Odor K9 Nose Work® classes.  We will search all 4 elements building confidence in both the dog and handler.  We will introduce and build on different concepts such as; Converging odor, suspended, inaccessable, etc hides

COST:  $150 for the 6 week course. Drop-In fee is $35 per class per dog

DATE:  Open enrollment. Take 8 weeks to complete course if needed

TIME:  10:00 a.m.


INSTRUCTOR:  Rachelle Bailey Austin, CNWI






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