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About Face K-9 Academy
About Face K-9 Academy    

This list will update about once a week if there is movement.

To save space only the top 25 teams will be shown.




1 Heike Gries Lilly
2 Cindy Lamb Daxter
3 Sara McLoudrey Rizzo
4 Sarah Owings Tucker
5 Joanne Graham Teddy
6 Mike Mason Crackerjack
7 Sherilyn Seyler CD
8 Vicky Lovejoy Beryl
9 Rachel Sutton Teva
10 Karen Meyer Fenway
11 Bart Pierce Bling!
12 Dana Martin JD
13 Susan Pisias Easy
14 Cheryl Anderson Patrick
15 Cheryl Vincent Porsche
16 Glenna Grossenbacher Bella
17 Kiddy Christie Millie
18 Kim Nakata Nina
19 Laurie Wood Chester
20 Nancy Westrell Pixel
21 kevin frost Loki
22 Linda Hamilton Issy
23 Barbara Vann Smooch
24 Kim Nakata Melvin
25 Carrie Reeves Sage
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